Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Joomla Joomla Everywhere!

I have been developing internet site, dog walking directory, since August 2009 using Joomla as my CMS (Content Management System). Having a background in budgets and finance, and most recently a construction project manager developing a website, particularly in Joomla is new to me.

A friend has been assisting me in using SOBI2, business directory plug in for Joomla, for my dog walking directory. Let's just say that SOBI2 and Joomla isn't plug and play ready. Both Joomla and SOBI2 take some tweaking and playing with and time to get up and running. That said both are great tools to use if you are building a internet directory.

After another couple hours of work yesterday, Kendall has SOBI2 running without my dog walking directory looking busy and so the SEO and navigation works well! So the work for today is to clean up my menus in Joomla and figure out how to customers can pay for advertisement.

Visitors will search the dog walking directory based on city or neighborhood. This feature makes it the most comprehensive dog walking directory on the internet. All other sites only give dog walkers the ability to advertise at the city level. Most people search in their local neighborhoods for a dog walker.

I will keep you posted on Joomla, SOBI2, dog walkers, and finding how to add payments to my site.

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