Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out and About

Michigan Avenue- Trump International Tower and Hotel can be seen in the distance. This project has been going on for sometime but as you can see from the cranes, will be finished soon.

Millenium Park- "The Bean"

Spending all day inside searching for work isn't my idea of fun. I am much more efficient while involved with a team, so today I decided to take a little time out and go enjoy the day.

Millenium Park- Frank Gehry bandshell

My goal was to get to the Art Institute of Chicago but the free admissions for the summer are on Thursday and Friday nights after 5pm so I wandered around Millenium Park. Getting outside and taking pictures of things always clears my head and brings back my energy. Whether or not you have been to Chicago here are a few pictures of where I went and what I saw. Hope you enjoy!

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