Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Concert in Years- Jay Brannan

I LOVE live music but all these large venues turn me off 1)the cost for tickets 2) you barely can see the artist way down there on the stage. If you have been reading my blog you know I happened across Jay Brannen's music on Youtube a couple months ago. I have been entranced by his voice and honestly both through his music and the view of his own talent (wrongfully of course).

My friend Megan and I went to the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago to watch Jay Brannan. (To avoid the service charge call the theater directly, they are very nice) Originally I told her about the concert and asked if she wanted to go, but with moving and still looking for a job it fell off my radar. Luckily for me she reminded me about it, I called up for tickets, and she drove.

The theater where Jay Brannan was playing is located near the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Upon walking to the theater Megan described the venue as very New York-like, and since she is connected with the talent scene there (they love her there!) I took her word for it. Hopefully she will soon record something on Youtube for you all to enjoy!

His live concert was SOOO much better than his youtube videos (which are really wonderful too!) Here is a recording made for/by Jay.

Have a listen and watch.

This is an except from his show in Chicago. Yes his personality is the same as on Youtube, please enjoy.

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