Friday, August 22, 2014

My Inspiration

I find most of the world around me very limiting.  There are rules for everything these days, what time to start work, speed limits, stop lights, times restaurants start/stop serving dinner, taxes, ways to dress, the right things to say, standing forward in an elevator, what to include in a resume, which fork to use, and how to make small talk. I believe all these "rules" are meant to control people, keep them in a little box and limit their creativity and impact on the world.

As if external controls aren't enough, but then I see most people believe it when their bosses tell them the skills they suck at they need to get better at (thats bullshit, thats what a team is for) and when people tell them they can't do something they believe it.

I think belief is a magical thing, I have seen someone belief in themselves make magic. When I am feeling the world is too over whelming for me, I seek inspiration in many ways, the easiest way is movies. There are only a few movies I find inspiration true inspiration in.


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