Monday, March 01, 2010

Terms of Service on your site

My dog walking directory is set up. I went to the 2nd Annual Dog Fair in San Diego, California. Shared my dog walking ideas with other dog friendly people and received great feed back. One of the pieces of advice was to add zip codes to the dog walking directory for customer to use to search.

Another thing I found after replicating the add a Dog Walker process is that the dog walker information requested either redundant or unnecessary. So I am going through it and adding more dog walker specific information. Dog Walker city, state, and zip code (in a pull down menu to keep the database clean) as well as allowing either a logo or picture but not both (too much information on my server which may slow it down).

Additionally on the bottom of the add a Dog Walker entry form lists a Terms of Service link. I am not a lawyer, and for the most part believe them to be unnecessary. I am sure many of you are going to disagree with me, but I think anyone who has an hourly bill rate at 10x what the average American gets paid is overkill. So I am searching for a quick and simple Terms of Service just to cover myself.

Here is a great Terms of Service article, but more specifically the comments are great. Will keep you posted on what type of terms a dog walker directory needs.

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