Monday, September 21, 2015

Nice people can be evil

I used to not believe people would fake abuse, until I saw first hand that someone I thought I knew falsified abuse. Not only was the abuse false but he nearly ruined the life of someone else because of his greed and disrespect. You never really know someone, and I found it best just to remove that person from my life. After that happened I never knew what other crazy things he would do.

If you know anyone who has endured real abuse this video by Lady Gaga reminds me of the stories I've heard from close friends.  It's very emotional and bring back some feelings if helplessness I felt myself growing up, although I've never experienced this type of abuse.

If you know anyone who has been abused give them a hug, a kind word, and let them know they are loved. If you know anyone who has faked abuse report them to the authorities, they are taking the limited resources of people who are really in danger away.

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