Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Direction in Blogging

Dearest Readers,

To catch all of you up on my activities since my last entry.....

As of October 1st, I have been working for myself. At the same time I have been taking an HTML class at DigitalBootcamp. Once I have put my portfolio together I will post a link for all of you to enjoy.

For the past 30 days I have been designing webpages (both through class and on my own for practice) as well a putting together a plan to start making some money. The hard part of working for yourself is accountability. You are the only worker and the only one to look to when things don't get done. The last 30 days has been my period of adjustment and planning.

I truely enjoy working from home everyday with the boys keeping me company. Over the next 30 days I will write one entry daily to let you know what has been going on.

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