Friday, August 25, 2006


Everyone has stress. The things that stress me out is not being able to do the little things, breakfast everyday, getting my glasses fixed, getting my haircut, and spending a nice evening out with friends. Other people I know get stressed if they get less than 8 hours sleep, can't work out, get stuck in traffic, or can't watch a sunset.

What stresses you out? If you don't know what is stressing you out find out.

Here is how you get rid of your stress:
1) make a list of what stress you have
2) write down how much time it would take to accomplish them
3) think if anyone can help accomplish a few things off your list
4) start working on the little things to get them off your plate
5) break down your big items into smaller more manageable pieces

Feeling better? Feeling like you are back in control of your life?

Here is more on how to get rid of your stressors:
1) make a list of what de-stresses you
2) spend time each day just to do things for yourself (bubble bath, baking cookies, what ever it is that you love)
3) do something to help someone else everyweek

Here are just a few suggestions. If you have any other suggestions please post a comment or your thoughts. I will post them in my blog and give you acknowledgement for your idea.

Just one more thing that always works for me. BREATHE!!


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