Sunday, July 06, 2008


After doing some research on the job market I am thinking getting any job is a good idea and working on some business ideas on the side to generate some additional cash to invest.

I have many ideas that bounce around in my head, how is it that you hear of those people that develop great companies and sell them off out of an idea? What makes those people or their ideas any better than me or my own? Persistence? Experience? Insight? Intelligence?

Since moving to Chicago (from the west coast) I have been searching for that spark within myself. Searching for that 1 idea that would stick with me and ignite my interal fires. Only one of those ideas have stayed with me over these years, infact I shared this idea with a friend of my back home and he seemed to like it. I guess for me the problem always comes down to 1) will someone pay for it? 2) How will I know? I think this is the time to develop the product and share it with people and get their feedback.

If you have read my previous posts you know I developed a dog adoption guide and attempted to market it (but failed). Never once did I hand this out to people or share it face to face, which is one of the reasons I believed it failed.

So stay tuned for the announcement of my next project which has been brewing for a couple years now. I may share some pieces with you as they are developed to get your feedback.



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