Monday, June 09, 2008

Project Manager Gig

So as an update to what has taken place in the my life since April 2007 to May 2008......... I was hired as a contract Construction Project Manager for a company (which will remain nameless). Needless to say I enjoyed this ALOT, more than any other of the 15 jobs I have had in my life. My role was the tenant rep for the company and to direct the architects, general contractor, and buidling managment. The space I was managing was an old loft like space, basically just a tenant improvement. This means we just built the inside space because the shell of the building (walls, ceilings, and floor was already there). Many lessons were learned on everyone's part. My own lesson was I REALLLY dig doing this and to quote the VP of the company I "exceeded expectations" which I guess means I must have a natural affinity for it.

The project came to an end and I was thereby declared "redundant" which is funny because I personally try not to do anything more than once.

Due to personal business I went back home for a while. While there I cleared my head and got some perspective about my jobless situation. Only time will tell if I can apply what I have learned.

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