Monday, April 23, 2007

New Business

Recently I found a new business to get involved in. Some people may call is a J-O-B. Honestly, I am suprised at how much I enjoy it and they even pay me! Sssshhhhhh!! Don't tell because I really could use the money to pay off some bills.

I won't disclose the job, but those that know me personally know the company I am working for. In fact, a few of my closest friends even have bought one of the products the company sells.

What I wil tell you is I am learning that the job comes as second nature to me. Basically I am a construction project manager. The company is building out a 30,000 sq ft space and I am responsible to keep the company in the loop with the general contractor and push the general contractor to keep on schedule. It is a ton of coordination and insuring all the little pieces don't get dropped along the way.

On a side note, at a recent meeting I attend, an associate and I were speaking and exchanged ideas on how to develop and promote our respective websites more effectively. Her advice was received well by me, as I have worked on updating my site with a few more pages. Dog names, about me, pet safety, and dog names are the newest pages. Look for a few more in the coming day and in the next week look for a new index page to link everything thing together for better navigation.

Internet Marketing is back on the table for me and will continue to offer my suggestions on promoting your website.

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