Monday, November 03, 2014

I Don't Like Mondays?

Many of you may not like Mondays. But why is that? Did you have such a great time over the weekend that the thought of going to work seems depressing? Is your work life that much different from your personal life? Are you ok with that? Is work an end to your means or the reason why you exist?

There was a shooting in San Diego in January 1979 that the boomtown rats memorialized to song. Back then a public shooting was not as common place as it is today. An interview suggested the gunman did it to liven up the day. What would it take for you to liven up your day? A shooting? Or could it be something more unique to your personality? Dancing, singing, or anything to reconnect yourself to the planet and your own body.

Shut your office door or go to your car or an iPod in the janitors closet - put on your favorite song and dance reconnect to your body and your emotions. Remember what it feels to be you, the you that only you know. Spend those 3 minutes just reveling in the love of yourself like no one is watching, like you are the only person in the world and its all yours.

How did that feel? What if you could feel like that everyday? What would that feel like? How would you feel about others? Who said that you can't feel like that everyday? You can and you owe it to yourself because you deserve it.

Go out and reconnect with yourself, fall in love with who you are for all your uniqueness. The world gave you the life experiences to see the world in your own special way, embrace it I mean really own it. Surround yourself with people who love you for you. Open up your heart and share yourself with people. Good luck with your journey, its a wonderful ride.


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