Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Trust and Commitment

I started this blog because I felt I had something to say and share. My life has changed quite a bit since then and maybe my perspective as well. Because of this my frequency of posts has changed but somethings in my life are still the same. Like I said in a previous blog post, along the way I would like to create my own tribe which I believe I am slowing doing. 

I write this blog for myself. I never thought I would have any readers of this blog, however a reader asked me to write about the topic of trust and commitment. And since my recent theme has be about yourself or myself I am going to continue along the same theme.

When most people think about trust and commitment, they think about it in terms of trust and commitment to others. With everything that has gone with my life this year, I know that I have spent too much time looking externally for answers. I have a plethora of life experience, I would dare say more than most people ever will. So my journey of introspectiveness will continue and suggest you take a quiet moment to reflect if you trust and are committed to yourself.

The Oxford Dictionary defines TRUST as "Firm belief in the reliability, truth, and ability of someone or something." I don't believe I have ever had a firm trust in myself. I am self confident yes, but trust in my reliability, truth, and ability is something entirely different. 

I ask you these simple questions:
  1. Do you trust yourself? 
  2. Do you keep your promises to yourself? 
  3. Do you trust that you have your best interests in mind? 
  4. Are you committed to your goals? 
  5. Do you even know what your goals are to be committed to?
  6. Do you speak your own truth to yourself? 
  7. Can you believe in your own reliability to yourself? 
  8. Can you believe in your own ability?
My mantra this year, is if I can't love and be comfortable with myself who else will be? I don't mean the you that you show people because you want them to like you. I mean the you that sneaks up on you in your sleep, or comes out when you are frustrated or desperate. Can you embrace your true nature and speak your own truth? Can you love the little kid inside and speak like an adult to him telling him its ok that he is safe and loved no matter what happens?

I honestly can say most of my life I would have answered a resounding NO to everyone of these questions. You may have said no quietly to yourself when you read the same questions. So what answer do you want the answer to be? Can you commit to know trust and love yourself?

The Oxford Dictionary defines COMMITMENT as "The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity." As many of my older posts elude to, I am not sure what the point of my existence is. Most of the time I don't love myself and judge myself for just taking up space in time and using up resources. Its funny but someone who was close to me doesn't even consider these questions and just exists and consumes. I am not saying either position is right or wrong, but I feel more comfortable thinking there is a reason for me to be here, that I have helped people, even if just through this blog.

I ask you these simple questions:
  1. Are YOU dedicated to your cause or activity? 
  2. Do you even know what causes or activities you are dedicated to? 
  3. How can you be committed to work or a significant other if you don't even know what you are committed to for yourself? 

Trust and commitment are important, especially to yourself. I would go further to say that you should only be concerned with trust and commitment to yourself. Without belief in your own reliability, truth, and ability or simply SELF TRUST how can you trust anyone else? Additionally, if you are not dedicated to your own cause or activity or  SELF COMMITMENT how can you be committed to anyone else? 

I leave you this song by Adele that made me think about trusting and commitment to me.

This is dedicated to everyone who thinks about others first instead of looking internally for the warmth and love we all desire but rarely pay ourselves with first.

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