Monday, August 14, 2006

How do I jump?

A few people have told me that it isnt easy to just JUMP. I know it isn't, but nothing in life that is worth doing is easy is it?

Steps to JUMP!
1) you must decide the life you are currently living does not work for you anymore
2) you must be able to picture yourself in your new life
3) you must have support from at least one other person who believes in who/what you want to become. without support this difficult transition will be even harder
4) your values and beliefs must align to who/what you will become
5) you must make the decision to JUMP!
5) just JUMP!

Everything in life has a way of working out, and you must believe in this for it to work. Things you truly need will come to you if you just ask for them. Believe in your self and the vision, passion, and your future.


At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

Funny name, btw. You know what I think. I think you should be a writer, and publish a book. You have a way of making me visualize stuff that you talk about. I guess in a sense, you are a writer by keeping up with your entries. Just wanted to pay an old flame a compliment.
Keep it up.. its very inspiring.


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