Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Internet Marketing Tools

Reading a new blog today I found a Internet Marketing tool that should help myself and others keep their site's keywords high, but not too high.

Keyword Density Analyzer Tool. From doing analysis on my own site I discovered my keyword density did not match the keywords I am marketing my product to.

Using this keyword tool, I analyzed other pages for internet marketing. One that markets AdWords came up with this keyword density: Adwords (used 179 times on the page), adwords miracle (36 times), and google adwords (11 times).

Under the Webpage analysis the author used "search engine" which is a poisonous word. Additionally, the keyword tool suggested the page is too big.

Looking at a competing internet marketers site, I used the keyword tool. The keyword density for dog (46 times) dog adoption (26 times). Looks like I need to go back and do a rewrite of my page to include much much more of my keywords on the page!

Hint: incorporate your keywords list into your sales page. This will give you better organic search, which means you won't have to spend as much money to get traffic to your site!

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