Friday, January 26, 2007

Fingers Crossed for some traffic, Dog Adoption Guide, or all of these are my sites and ideas. I updated the sales page on to market my Dog Adoption Guide. Included in the site is a place for people to register for a e-newsletter I will be sending out to people who are interested in dogs.

I put new ads on Google, in hopes of doing some split testing. For all of you non Internet Marketer people, that means I run two different ads to see which one pulls in the most traffic. The winning ad will get changed slightly and the winning original ad and the new ad will run. I will do this until my click thru rate is something over 5%. Again for all of you non Internet Market readers, click thru rate is the number of times your ad shows (when people search for a specific word or phrase in Google) divided by the number of times your ad is clicked on.

Internet Market standard is around 2% to 5%. Depending on the keyword I use, my rate is as high as %25, however, this is for very few searchs on a keyword.

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