Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Launch Day 3 Internet Marketing Site

Dog Adoption Guide.... feeling really discouraged today! Did some research on how to get my site popular without spending so much money everyday.

After searching several sites, I wandered over to Darren Rowse's site Pro Blogger and read several of his suggesting specifically 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. I am really not interested in setting up a blog, and definately I can't wait 18 months to get some decent traffic, but I found his advise noteworthy and it made alot of sense.

Late tonight I sent an email off to Andrew and Daryl. I signed up for the mentorship program Daryl and Andrew have at Not sure if I was loosing customers with the entry sales page Dog Adoption Guide. Since Google Analytics allows me to track each and every page on my site, I am able to tell which pages people have visited and where they have left my site. Since my customers payment are taken care of by ClickBank, I can not track to see if my customers have even gotten to my payment page.

I am looking into using Google payment for a different option. Since I will be hosting the payment portion of my site. Not sure exactly what is going to be involved with putting together the Google Payment portion of Dog Adoption Guide.

Results for Day 3:
183 Visits
cost $40.12
$0.22 per visit
paying customers ZERO

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