Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What inspires you? I get inspired by many things out in the world. A book that I am reading gives me goosebumps, "Why do I love these people," by Po Bronson. I recommend it to anyone who has ever faced difficulty with their families. Po tells the tale of many different Americans that have the same thing in common they did not give up in life. They did not give up on their families now matter what the situation.

Inspiration for me comes from not the magical or the mystical but the everyday occurences. The 83 year old lady that mediates and practices her judo in the park every morning. The father that even after a long day at work, takes time out to show his children they are special to him. That person who puts in 110% everyday even though the company does not acknowledge her or give her any kind of compensation, she does it because that is who she is.

Take the time to let your own passion inspire someone. Inspiration and hope is what keeps us striving towards ourselves. Share your hope with someone else today!


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