Thursday, August 10, 2006

Searching for Passion

Over 300,000 people were searching for PASSION online last month. To me, that is a funny thing to look for online, however many of you did just that. Only 200 people searched for work passion last month, however 6000 people went searching for passion sex.

What does that mean? We want passion in our sex, but we are willing to forgo passion for work? We spend about at least 160 hours a month at work, thinking about work, getting ready for work, or getting to work. But we have sex about 100 times per year.

Why are we not looking for passion at work? I am not suggesting having sex at work, rather engaging in mentally and physically stimulating work. Maybe if we found passion with our work, we may end up finding more passion in everyother aspect of our lives.

What are you passionate about? An annonymous reader stated s/he sacrifices but said nothing of passion for his/her work, maybe the passion has not been found yet? Maybe like Nietzsche and the other Existentialists the passion is internal and not meant to share.

Dear readers I challenge you to find your passion! If you do not know what you are passionate about stop reading this minute and go out and look for your passion. Make a list of all the things you look forward to doing, or the things you would do everyday even without getting paid!

Leave your comments on what you have found on your search for you PASSION.