Monday, December 22, 2014

My Words - My Truth

While living and speaking consciously in the past weeks, I have made a few realizations:

  1. I use "we" often when speaking about my own life experiences and past because many of my memories and experiences are wrapped up with others. I feel sometimes using "we" can feel exclusionary instead of inviting in sharing my experience with others. 
  2. I enjoy talking and learning about others but I can only do it so long and need to retreat to my own thoughts and feelings to get my energy back. 
  3. When speaking with others whom I haven't know for very long, I realize that I tend to get short with people whose opinions do not match my own. I feel this is my own form of judgement. Instead I will choose to express that own options differ, positively reinforcing my own position on the subject and still maintaining a positive interest in continued dialogue with others. Alternatively I will listen deeper to the other person and ask more in depth questions as to better understand their opinion and thereby understand my own position on my opinion. 
  4. I use the word SHOULD often to in my thoughts, writing and speech. Using SHOULD leaves me feeling like I haven't reached my own goals or potential. My own feeling of inadequacy drives me to behavior that is incongruent with my long term goals and it takes a few days to get back in touch with myself. I choose to use alternative words to change my behavior and reinforce my own values and goals.
  5. I really miss writing and blogging about my inward journey. Its really important that I continue my journey and blogging helps me to do that.
  6. When someone is desperate I retreat. When someone doesn't need me thats when I want to attach the most to someone, otherwise it falls back to the co-dependance I grew up with and I choose to not repeat that cycle again.

Are you living your life consciously? Do you speak to yourself and others consciously? If so, what things have you noticed about yourself in building relationships with others? 

Are you satisfied with how you are or would you like to consciously change things to better get in touch with your true self and open your heart to people around you?

Take sometime this holiday week to accept yourself and express your appreciation for others in your life.

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