Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Being Pushed

Sometimes we get to JUMP! but sometimes we are pushed. Being pushed when you know it is coming is much better than being pushed from behind and being suprised.

A push is just fate reminding you that keep moving. Maybe it was a good thing because you where staring too hard on your goal. Staring at your goal does nothing for you. To get to your goal you should move around, passion never lets you rest.

Passion keeps you up late and gets you up early, meaning you never have a chance to stare at your goal, instead you are moving towards it.

Recently I received a push, not a hard push, but enough to remind me I was too focused on my goal and not doing anything to make it happen. Pushes are good. Some people push themselves and some people need a push now and then. Personally, I need a mix of both.

Keep moving and don't take the pushes to heart but instead realize that it is time to move around and towards your goal.