Monday, February 05, 2007

Keyword Density and SEO

One of the keys for Internet Marketing is to get free traffic by using keywords.

Using too many of the same keyword or putting them too close in the same page (e.g. This keyword is the keyword that is on my keyword list so keyword is the basis of my keyword page) will get you introuble with the search engines.

Hints for good keyword density:
1) open Word
2) copy just the content of your page into Word
3) go to Tools on the toolbar and select Wordcount (this will give you the number of words)
4) go to Edit on the toolbar and select Replace
5) type in the word you want to Find and type the same word into Replace (this will tell you the number of times that word is being used on the page)
6) then use this formula to calculate your keyword density: Keyword density: keyword total (5 times on the page) on the page divided by total words (5 times in the page)= keyword density (5%)

hint*standard keyword density is between 3% to 5%

Another key to keyword optimization is to put at least 250 words on your page and not use more than 3 keyword phrases per page. Depending on what you are trying to do with your site, you may have a very large site after just trying to capture traffic for a dozen keyword phrases.

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